BioMedical Equipments Maintenance Application

(BME SmartCare)

Project Description

"An Application To Maintain Records For BioMedical Equipments".

Biomedical Equipment Maintenance and repair activities involve an increasing amount of paperwork and report generation. To Avoid the paperwork we have build an application to managed the Equipments of Hospitals. An Application that collects the necessary data Online for accuracy and efficiency. The system can generate various reports relating to repair history, Purchase order, Demonstration and Training, service Call history, spare parts usage and preventive maintenance scheduling. It is implemented on a time-sharing minicomputer, and can reduce substantially the time spent by biomedical engineers in documenting their activities.

Our Mission

"To maintain all medical equipments to the appropriate standards as prescribed by equipment manufacturer, so as to ensure that all medical equipments to be used to provide the best health care services to patients should be safe, efficient, effective, reliable and long lasting."


(BME Application)

Maintenance & Cost Analysis : Equipmement wise maintenance and cost analysis.

Improves Productivity : It gives assitance to bio medical engineer & Administration, which improves productivity.

Safety and Accuracy: Safeguard patients by ensuring the safety and accuracy of medical devices Branding

Availability and Reliability: Maximum availability and reliability of equipments

Diminish Time: Minimum downtime and Maximum Uptime

Preventive Measures: Prevention of wastage of consumables and spares

Extend Life: Extended useful life of equipments

Recommended by WHO: WHO recommend use of computerised maintance managment system (CMMS).

NABH certification: BME SmartCare application helps you to get NABH certification, By maintaning all the equipment related records.

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